The Babcock Family

"Three years ago, I was at rock bottom in my life. I had no self-worth, no hope, no thoughts of myself deserving a good life. I was incarcerated and pregnant with the clothes on my back. Homeless, in a badly abusive relationship and addicted to drugs. I desperately wanted a different life

The Benevides Family

I had heard of Habitat for Humanity, but I didn't really know much about it. Initially, I thought you got a free house. I first applied for Habitat in April of 2019 and I didn't get in. I reapplied in August of 2019 and found out in December that my family was accepted. I worked very hard for

The Desjarlais Family

Autumn Desjarlais is a Habitat Homeowner in the Mountain View Meadows subdivision, and the mother of four. Below she shares how important being a homeowner is to her and her family. “I have known about Habitat for a few years now, and like many others, I thought it was a free house.

The Johnson Family

“My partnership with Habitat started with almost no knowledge on my part of what this organization does for people. I was always under the impression that Habitat gave down-on-their-luck people a free house. My own journey with Habitat started as innocently as someone offering me the chance to better my situation for

The Saarinen Family

"Habitat is the blessing I didn't know I deserved. When I had more than one friend suggest to apply for "a Habitat house", I really thought it was for people who were down and out. I was having trouble securing housing due to cost, but I was in no way suffering. But

The Vincent Family

Dedicated July 25th, 2019 Ms. Vincent always dreamed of owning her own home but experienced the common hurdles of a single-earner household. She found out about the Habitat program and knew this was a way she could make her dream a reality. Ms. Vincent has worked incredibly hard over the past year

The Johnson Family

Dedicated July 25th, 2019 The Johnson Family came to Helena Habitat because they were living in an apartment that was too small and wasn’t meeting their needs. The Johnson’s felt stuck because of the lack of affordable rentals and homes for purchase. Despite Ms. Johnson’s job with the State of Montana, she

The Pocha Family

  Dedicated July 25th, 2019 Ms. Pocha came to Helena Habitat after years of working to repair her trailer. She had done what she could to make it home for her and her family, but was tired of pouring money into what felt like an unsustainable and sometimes unsafe housing situation. She

The Kerpa Family

Dedicated July 25th, 2019 Ms. Kerpa has always wanted the very best future for her daughter. Part of this dream was for them to own a home that she could grow up in and have stability. Despite Ms. Kerpa working very hard in her career, housing prices in Helena kept her from

The Dolecheck Family

Dedicated July 25th, 2019 Mr. Dolecheck came to Helena Habitat shortly after he devastatingly lost his daughter to cancer. It was his dream to build the home that his daughter had always wanted for him. Through a year of working alongside five other families, this dream is becoming a reality. The Dolecheck