The Desjarlais Family

Partner Family

Autumn Desjarlais is a Habitat Homeowner in the Mountain View Meadows subdivision, and the mother of four. Below she shares how important being a homeowner is to her and her family.

“I have known about Habitat for a few years now, and like many others, I thought it was a free house. Prior to Habitat, I was in sub-standard housing for two years and I became a single mother literally overnight. I was able to provide for my children for about 6 months with just my income alone, but I realized that I had to give up our home when I was making decisions between paying rent or buying food. I have always taken care of my family, so this was a huge blow to my abilities as a mother. I tried to get low income housing, but the income guidelines seemed outrageous and unfair to me as a single mother. Also, I was tired of paying rent and I was looking for something to call my own, a house that we could enjoy for years. I finally applied to Habitat in Oct. 2019, and within a week my family was selected. I was beyond happy and in a state of disbelief and shock. Now, time for the work to begin, as they are not free houses. I was faced with another challenge to find care for my children so I could work every Wednesday night 5:30-8:30 and Saturday 8:30am-4pm. It seems like a lot but all the missed bedtime stories, “Mommy, I miss you”, “Mom, when can we do something together?” and just not feeling like I am ever home, will pay off. I knew it was a sacrifice that would give me and my children stability for the future. Habitat is a program that has restored hope to my family and that good things happen if you keep trying. Aside from learning so much throughout the building process, I have another family to call my own. Building alongside the other partner families is a kinship like no other. Knowing that they carry the same intentions for themselves and their families makes me want to see them succeed as well.” -Autumn Desjarlais, Habitat Homeowner 2019-2020